Tuesday, December 30, 2008



My name is Linda and I am the founder/editor/blogger of New York City Single Mom.com. From the title, you can guess that I am single mom by choice (through adoption) of a lively, six year old girl. I have lived in downtown Manhattan since 1996.

Prior to founding the site, I was a marketer for several Fortune 50 companies and for the last 12 years working in the financial services industry. Like so many hundreds of thousands of people, I was laid off in December.

Given the job marketplace, I took this opportunity to fulfill my dream of writing on a regular basis.

In addition to writing about my hectic life, my site is also dedicated to topics that peak my interest. That means that you will see postings about the lastest pop cultural phenomenon, politics, fashions and financial matters.

While I currently live in New York, I have been lucky enough to live abroad including Florence, Italy, Japan (where I was born) and Archamp, France (while attending Thunderbird, The Garvin School of International Management) as well as travel extensively throughout Europe and Asia.

I am currently writing a book focused on my adoption experience and hope that one day to become a published author.

I hope that you find my site funny, entertaining and useful.

To learn more about partnering with New York City Single Mom, check out my hire me page for details.

Contact Information:
email: nycsinglemom@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/New-York-City-Single-Mom/173390540429

Kids Club13 Ambassador: http://kids.thirteen.org/parents
Macaroni Kid Downtown NYC Publisher: http://nycdowntown.macaronikid.com/


Anonymous said...

Okay, Missy, spill the secret-- how do you keep all of these blogs. I have 3 and I am tearing my hair out!! :-) Yours...all good stuff!!


Buffyfan said...

I dont actually, most of them are in the initial stages but wanted to reserve the names.

Nicole said...

It is difficult to juggle all these blogs. I have two...thats all I can handle!

Anonymous said...

You were wracking your brain trying to figure out what to get me for Christmas..and Voila! It came to you in a turn of generosity and brilliance-- a blog award! You have truly made my YEAR!! Thank you. And now I will, in turn, share the love, love. Have a great holiday and New Year knowing that you've made one overwhelmed woman very happy!

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