Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mashable Link Round Up - August 1 Weekly Reading Pleasure

Here's a shout out to some of favorite posts of the week.

  • Parenting is not easy as we all know so I am always looking to other parents for tips. Loved the 3 parenting tips that Shinybrite uses to reign the chaos of the day. My favorite takeaway is if you're snacking, you need to sit. I am the master of multi-tasking but I need to reign that in and focus in on one task a time. Kids should focus on eating, not eating and walking. Read all of her parenting tips at http://shinybrite.wordpress.com/2010/07/28/3-parenting-tips-for-calming-the-chaos/
  • Leeks, what to do you with them? I never know. Shinybrite has a simple easy recipe definitely worth trying. I am going this week. 
  • Looking for a new diaper bag or a gift for friend, check out momfinds for cheap diaper bags. Where were these cool bags when my daughter was a baby? 
  • "Mom, do I look fat?" For someone who has been a diet since she was fifteen, I sooooo am not trying to pass along my "fatness" fear onto my daughter, the last thing I want her to do is start dieting the way I did. Donna Fish, a licensed clinical social worker provides tips for parents with tweens/teens over at Child Grows in Brooklyn. Well worth reading. 
  • I had no idea Vitamin D was so important for kids and me. A Child Grows in Brooklyn provides reasons why Vitamin D is so important for all of us and ways to get into our diet. 
  • Everyone who becomes a parent realizes pretty quickly, that we are winging it as parents every day. Mom delicious tells about her thoughts about a friends compliment "now you look a mother." We have all been there.
  • I love ad hoc moms mommy etiquette  in 8 simple rules - Every mom should read it and hopefully recognize themselves, I am talking to you moms who brag about what a difficult decision they have on which G&T school to go to.  
  • It's hot out people and like ad hoc mom, I am more than happy to stay in rather go to the playground in 95 degree weather with no shade. Read her bribery attempts to stay inside over braving the heat wave. 

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Per Elizabeth Hasselbeck I am a LESBIAN

I had to comment on the latest gaffe by Elizabeth (I should be sitting at the kid's table) Hasselbeck. This week on The View. Yes, I watch it but don't know why. Instead of Celebrity Rehab, MTV should have a reality show - "The View Rehab" but I digress.

This week she made one of her wackier comments and there are so many. In discussing why some older women get involved in same sex relationships, her assertion is that  it's because older women can't find a man.

"All older men are going for younger women, leaving the women with no one." according to Hasselbeck. And her response to Joy Behar when Behar said her comment was "ridiculous." Older women are looking for companionship not a sexual relationship.

Oh Bitsy. What planet are you on and who feeds you this stuff?

So according to her, I, an "older" women should just give it up and find a lesbian or another woman to hang with instead of a man.

There is one fatal flaw in her twisted logic.

" I am not, never or will be attracted to women."  And I am sure, every woman who fit's her definition who is now single doesn't either.

What exactly did you and that famous lesbian Melissa Etheridge talk about when she was at her house???

Thoughts from the single 40 plus crowd are welcome.

And for the record, I do have hope I will find a guy one day although as my friends, I need to do some work to find him, he is not going to be knocking on my door.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pearl S. Buck Foundation - Saving Lives Everyday - Event Hosted by NYC Single Mom and Mommy Factor

This week Onica (http://mommyfactor.blogspot.com/) and I hosted an event highlighting the Pearl S. Buck International Foundation. The event was part of Johnson's "Girl Talk Cause Party," Johnson's committment to raise awareness about worthwhile causes, in connection with B-Link Network.

I was excited that Onica asked if I wanted to co-host the event given that I adopted my daughter and because I am supportive of all the amazing work that The Pearl S. Buck foundation is doing to help kids to live a better life.

Amina from mixedchild.com was our guest speaker and provided a start to a great discussion on what it means to grow up bi-racial in the Phillipines and Brooklyn. Interesting, right?

Being bi-racial in today's age is no big deal, even the President is bi-racial. And speaking personally, as a bi-racial person, my mom was Japanese and my father was African-American, I think often about lucky I am to be an American.

Unfortunately, bi-racial children in other countries especially Asia are not so lucky. The Pearl S. Buck foundation works to try to make a better life for these kids who are denied the basic rights; right to an education, healthcare and most of allm, acceptance that we all take for granted. These children pay the price for their parents.

If all you do is pass the word onto your readers and friends/family about the Pearl S. Buck foundation, my work is done.

And there are other ways of making difference than adopting a child. To learn more about how the foundation provides health and education assistance, cultural events which improves the quality of life and provide opportunities for children in various countries, visit Pearl S. Buck Foundation

Thank You to all our sponsors for without their support, this event would not have taken place.

Johnson's Baby Oil and The B-Link Network

Johnson's provided Johnson's products for the attendees. 

Din-Din meals are organic, all-natural  and homemade prepared from recipes devised by a nutritionist. DinDins meal come fresh and are freezer stable for 3 weeks. Meals are delivered right to your door. Great for quick cooking when we need a break. Visit dindins for more information and menus.

LLD provides a full range of sitter services including weeknight, weekday or weekend babysitting, weekly sitters or on-demand requests. Currently servicing over 100 families in Manhattan and a growing clientele in Portland, Oregon, Lucky L'il Darlings has a well-established reputation for quality reputation for quality and excellence. Each babysitter has been carefully selected through an in-depth screening and interview process and given a background check.

Visit http://www.luckylildarlings.com for a full list of services, rates, and FAQs. 

toysrus.com the world's leading toy and baby products. Toys "R" Us is opening 100 new stores this year. visit http://www.iwanttobeatoysrusmom.com/ to see if there is a new store opening near you. 

nd thanks to all the attendees. 
Southard Communications 
Thanks to Esther and Bill at Southard Communications for graciously providing conference room space for our event. Visit Southard Communications to learn more about their client roster. 

And thanks to all the attendees. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Visiting Day At Camp

Last Friday was visiting day at camp. It was a wonderful day to head out to Staten Island and see my daughter and her friends at play.

Adoption Tale - No, My Daughter is Not From Ethiopia

I am re- running this post because I recently saw Alec Mapa on the View last week. You probably recognize him from his Ugly Betty role as the gossip reporter.

Two funny hilarious points he made. He talked about his husband and 5-year-old foster /adopted son. “My husband’s white, I’m Asian, and my son is black. We look like the last two minutes of It’s a Small World" and where is your son is from, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, no, he's from Compton."

And I agree. Maybe it's Angelina and Brad adopting children from Cambodia, Vietnam Ethiopia, or Madonna's adopting from Malawi or the vast number of little Chinese girls and their white parents dotting (who am I kidding, it's more like over running) the upper east side that people are somewhat taken aback that I adopted from that international hot spot, Philadelphia.

When I tell people that I adopted my daughter, they invariably ask "where did you adopt her from?"
I, of course, say," Philadelphia." Then comes the rather quizzical momentary stare and you can see it there eyes, "that can't be" and they always respond " really" or "oh", like this is unheard of phenemonon. Adopting domestically. Who does that?

I guess they think that I am going to say say Haiti or Ethipia, I am not sure what they think.
And for the record, it's isn't just white people but black folks who get that look, too.

I just don't know what to make of this reaction. As the non-confrontational person that I am, I just move the conversation along.
Any thoughts???

Here is the only snippet from the show, unfortunately, they did not include the bit about his husband and son but it's pretty darn funny.