Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is it a good thing that the Principal knows your daughter?

I have to say that the Principal at my daughter's school is a very visible presence. There is not a morning that goes by that she is not out walking the hallways when kids are coming in the morning. I find this refreshing and comforting that she is not one of those administrative desk jockeys that never interacts with the students.  She also really wants to get to know all the kids and seems to remember all the kids name. How in god's name does she do this?

Since September when we started school, I can barely remember the kids in the my daughter's class. More power to her.

Well today, the Principal stopped me as I was walking out of the building to tell me about her interaction with my daughter yesterday.

The Principal went into her class during their art session.

Principal - How are you?
My Daughter - Good
Principal - What are you painting?
My Daughter- "  a masterpiece"

I wish I could take credit for enhancing my daughter's vocabulary in prepartion for the SAT (kidding) but I owe the use of this word from "Fancy Nancy at the Museum."


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