Thursday, January 29, 2009

Saved $75 Today

Space in New York City is has/will always be at premium.  So like many New Yorkers I have a storage facility to keep all the extra stuff. 

Now that I am unemployed, I need to really dig deep and eliminate all uncessary expences. This made my storage space a "want" but certainly not a "need". 

Not having a car has made moving the stuff out a big pain. I have made 3 previous trips. As I was having lunch with my friend Sandra to discuss business related stuff, I asked her if she did not mind coming in from Connecticut earlier and helping me bring some stuff back to my apartment. She informed that she now was driving an Audi TT. You can see from the pic, it does not have a lot of trunk space. 

When she showed I was ready to go with a couple of bags but she thought we could get all of the stuff into her back seat AND WE DID!!!

No more trips back to the storage facility.  I can not tell you how happy I am. It has been such a pain and just never ending.  

That's $75, I don't have to shell out every month. Now I have to figure out where all that stuff is going to go since now its all sitting my 1 bedroom apartment. 


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