Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First Interview since being laid off

Since I was laid off in December, I know that I need to broaden my industry horizon and look past financial services companies. The biggest reason is that there are less of them and I need to get out NOW. 

Today, I went on an exploratory interview today at one of the entertainment companies. I had seen a position on their website and submitted my resume. Of course, I knew this was a black hole and reached out to the mom of my daughter's classmate who works at the company. 

She graciously went down to HR and asked her to give me a call to at the least set up a meeting.
I basically reviewed my background and salary history. 

The job that I actually posted for was being not only downgraded (less money) and filled internally. 

At the end we did discuss the possibility of freelance work of which I am open if only to learn about the business. 

The reality is that the decision to change industries means  I am going to have to take a paycut. This is the downside to being a single mom, being the breadwinner. 


Ms. Latina on a Mission said...

I can definitely relate! I'm also a single mom of two boys in NYC working in the financial sector and its stressing to say the least! Stay strong you will find something soon. FYI: I posted several entertainment websites you can check out for opportunities on my blog. Good luck in your search.

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