Thursday, February 19, 2009

Freelancers Networking Event

My friend Carmel invited me to a Freelancers Union Networking Event @ Le Poisson Rouge Gallery Bar (formerly the Village Gate) at 158 Bleeker Street (my old neighborhood) to support the repeal of the Unincorporated Business tax (UBT). Basically, people who freelance get taxed twice (federal tax + tax for being unincorporated.) Who knew? Regardless of whether you freelance or not, that's crap especially since this group has no clout and is not entitled to unemployment $$.   

I just joined Freelancers Union last month as I am pretty sure finding full time job is going to take a long time and short term project/temp work is in my future. 

I went to event because I need to start getting out more and networking. All I can say, I need to breakout of my shell if I am going to get a job as most people get their jobs from people they know. 

I am truly socially selective. I kept thinking I should be mingling but I talked to Carmel the entire evening yet when someone from Freelancers Union came over to chat about how you qualify for insurance I was pretty chatty.  

The crowd from the looks ranged from your basic hipsters to men/women in business attire so I didn't feel too out of my element. I did notice a couple of journalist tags but was curious as to what types of jobs these people have. 

Better luck next time. 


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