Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Horses' Ass - Downside to living in NYC

I went to Toy R Us in Times Square to buy a Hullaballo game for an upcoming party. While I was there, I thought I would check out the cost of large stuffed horse. Why you ask am I even going down the crazy town path of buying a toy that will take up half Alex's room. Because her friend Dani just received one for her birthday and Alex was enamored with it.

Lo and behold it was on sale for $30, how could I resist? Of course, there was no bag big enough so what does the sales clerk do, stuff the horse in head first with its ass hanging out.

The number of stares, snickers and laughs that I encountered can not be measured. I felt like the horse's ass struggling to get through the turnstiles and on the subway with this thing.

She better like this ridiculous thing.


Anonymous said...

Seeing the horse like that, reminded me of a comment I made on my Fizz blog (Garlic Mushrooms recipe) that mushrooms are as rare as rockinghorse poo...

But you must admit, it's not everyday you see someone walking through the city with their horse's ass sticking out... LOL


Carmel said...


YOU DIDN'T !!!!! Take it back, NOW! Carmel

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