Wednesday, March 11, 2009

After this, we won't have George W to kick around anymore - loved Will Farrell is George W. Bush

I was invited to see You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush starring and written by the very funny Will Ferrell.

Will Ferrell has been playing the W for quite sometime on Saturday Night Live so I was really looking forward to having some laughs at W's expense but sadly it's really America's expense. Moving on.... He really captured W's smirks, jokes, demeanor and just plain ridicoulousness. When you look at him, you just can' t believe he was the 43rd President of the U.S.

I thought the production and stage was well done without too many theatrical touches. W. would be proud to be standing on this stage, lots of flags, red, white and blue and big screen televisions.

As you might expect, the audience was anti -bush and pro will ferrell fans all trying to get their last look and laugh a bit.

There was much to laugh at in this tight 90 minutes show.

Lots of highlights or lowlights:
  • That's what I call Shock and Awe, right there" this was the phrased uttered after the projection of "his" penis on the screen. I knew this coming so I was not surprised.
  • References to Dick Cheney as a devil worshiper.
  • A riff on how Michael "Brownie" Brown is doing now with references to New Orleans
  • Condi (Pia Glenn) makes an appearance for her "husband" as some wild lap dancer. One day that story will finally get out.
  • Referring to President Obama as that "Tiger Woods" guy
  • Lots of bush quotes I can't remember
  • A pictorial of cabinet members (Donald "Rummy" Rumsfeld, Paul (I completely forgot you were the Treasury Secretary) O'Neil, Colin Powell)
  • Giving people nicknames from the audience
After seeing the show, I would recommend that if you have HBO to watch it is worth your time.


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