Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dating Again - afraid to make the first step

One of my new year's resolution was to begin dating again. That is easier said than done. You would think that living in New York City with millions of people would present plenty of opportunities to meet men. WRONG. 

If that were the case, I would have met someone already. Sure, lots of people meet in bars, the gym, the street, parties but I am not one of them. Maybe it's because as one of my friends say, " I don't have an open face" and I would agree. I always look like I am in a hurry or serious. 

You also hear about meeting, the "friend" of a friend. Well, my single friends don't know anyone and my married friends don't seem to know anyone either. How this is possible is beyond me. 

Oddly, I always thought that I would end up meeting a single dad since I am single mom. Nope again. Pre-school and now elementary school, there is not one divorced dad or widow. How can this be, isn't the divorce rate 50% in this country. 

Since none of the tried and true methods are not working, I am going to have to move onto internet dating. 

My goal is by next week to be up on all the dating sites. Wish me luck and stay tuned. 


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