Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Trusting Soul or Fool? Mandated HIV curriculum being taught in Kindergarten

Sex education is such a touchy subject. So here its being thrown in my face in kindergarten and I am not sure how I should feel. 

This week,  Kindergarteners across New York City  will be taught a mandated (key word) HIV curriculum. This entails having a short lesson every day about health and hygiene. Each lesson will cover the basics; "how to stay healthy"(so far, so good) and how to protect yourself from catching other people's germs and viruses (what does that mean). The term "HIV" is being introduced as a type of virus that exists, which is factually true. (but not so sure how its introduced). 

I am going to have to trust in God (or some other higher being) that this lesson is age appropriate and go with the flow. 


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