Monday, April 13, 2009

Celebrities you should be following on Twitter

Adding to my celebrity twitter list of people I  am following and  I am pretty sure their assistants are posting their tweets. 

1. Jon Favreau (Director - Ironman, Actor - Swingers)
Twitter URL: 
Why? Hoping he drops tidbits on Ironman2. He is good interview so I think his tweets are well written and funny.

2.  Kevin Smith (Director - Clerks 1/2, Gigli)
Twitter URL:
Why? Again so far, tweets are funny and he is funny in interviews.

3. Russell Brand (English Comedian/Actor - Forgetting Sarah Marshall)
Twitter URL:
Why? Banned from BBC,  thinks his character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall is not too much a stretch from his real personality, just plain funny)


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