Saturday, April 18, 2009 - A great financial website worth your time to check

There are a few websites I check everyday. is one of them. As you can imagine during these wacky economic environment, we all need to understand how the financial industry works. 

What I appreciate about this blog is that it's well written and researched by someone who understands the industry. The author of the blog is  a former  Wall Street Journal reporter who is now attending law school. 

 I just happened to stumble upon a post from November 2008 but is relevant today as it was last year.  It  provides details on having a credit plan (and if you don't there is something wrong).  He basically details how he decided on the credit cards in his wallet and why. 

This is information everyone should understand especially since the cards you have in your wallet impacts your FICO Score.  

Check it out and you will be glad. If you have great credit, check out the site anyway. 


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