Monday, May 4, 2009

Apartment Therapy Update - Week One

My daughter's Spring Vacation somehow demotivated me from moving forward on my project to "cure" my apartment. If you are new to the site, look for earlier pre-work assignments. The "cure" is based on Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan's book Apartment Therapy.

Let's face it, I have the time, while I search for a job. It would drive me bananas if I went back to work and my home was still a mess.

Week One Assignment - Deep Treatment
Bones - Make a complete list of repairs and solutions (see list below)
- Vacuum and mop the floors (done but wood floors need to be rejunvenated)

Breath - Remove one item from the apartment and put it outside (did more than asked for, dropped 5 bags at the salvation army, still have more to do)

Heart - buy fresh flowers (I am going to wait until Friday to do this. Yes, I agree flowers are nice, affordable, weekly luxury to lighten up your home while employed but unemployed, I will agree to do this 1x month)

Sit for 10 minutes in part of your home that you never sit in and figure out what doesn't work for you. Imagine what the space/room would look like empty. (sat on my bed looking at the space at the end of the bed. Space is not being properly used, vertical dresser needs to be replaced with a horizontal one, daughter's kitchen needs to be given away, pictures need to be moved and replaced)

Look into earth-friendly products (going to try ecostore products and Bon Ami which is biodegradeable and non toxic).

Repair Worksheet
1. Put back bulletin boards that fell down
2. Replace all light switch covers
3. Rejuvenate all the wood floors
4. Unclog bathroom drain


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