Monday, May 18, 2009

Can't Mr. Right just appear like in a romantic comedy

Somehow, I always thought my love life would turn out like a romantic comedy. Ha ha!!. Given that I don't look like Katherine Heigl, Sandra Bullock or Cameron Diaz, Mr. Right is not going appear in some cute fashion.

It was my goal to sign up with all the dating sites and go from there. So far, I spent hours filling out the eharmony application and just ignored my "matches". To be truthful, I am skeptical of the site given they matched me with men who live outside of the tri-state area.

I, then, moved onto, worked on my profile (see earlier post) for a week to make it funny and quirky sounding and now, I am ignoring emails being sent to me.

I need to get over this nuttiness and open at least one of them otherwise I am heading down the Susan Boyle never been kissed path.


Anonymous said...

You could also ask each of your three closest girlfriends to set you up on a blind date. You'll either find your prince charming or get good insight into what your friends think of your.

I dare you.

Buffyfan said...

That would be great advice if they had someone to set me up with. Trust me I have known them for 10 years and they dont know anyone.

But its still good advice, what I should do is ask next layer of friends if they could set me up.

Anonymous said...

I gave up on the manhunt a few years ago. Now I use a good vibrator.

Anonymous said...

what kind of vibrator do you recommend?

Buffyfan said...

Come on. Dont give on the manhunt. I need your support

Anonymous said...

Njoy stainless steel. You can heat it with warm water or even cool it down. The occasional man that finds his way into my bedroom also seems to like using it on me.

Carmel said...

Don't give up; check out the Plenty of Fish more seriously. I actually know of gals who found nice guys on this site. Of course I should take my own advice. How about if I promise to babysit if you go out with someone from one of the sites?

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