Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is my DVR trying to tell me something? Missing Grey's Anatomy Episodes

My dvr has not taped Grey's Anatomy for the last 2 weeks. There was a time that I cared and would have gone on line to watch it so I can keep up. But this season's story lines have been so lackluster that I just feel nothing for this show. I really think it has run it's course. 
  • Do I care if Izzy dies? No, I want Katherine Heigl to leave the show, so die, die Izzy.
  • Do I care about Meredith and Derek? No, I haven't cared in a long time. Derek hasn't been interesting since Addison left.
  • Do I care about Mark and Lexie? No, they have no chemistry and I just don't like Meredith light plus the whole broken penis episode was stupid. 
  • Finally, what happened to Christina and Miranda's character development? Miranda just wines a lot and Christina is just plain dull without dare I say his name Isiah Washington's character. 
  • Sick of Owen Hunt's Iraq storyline. That could have been interesting but they haven't really given me any reason to care which is sad since I Kevin McKidd. 
  • And Callie's lesbian story line. Well that could have worked if I thought there was any chemistry with other actress . I liked it better when she was sleeping with man -whore Mark
Oh well, I will most likely watch it tonight in the hopes that the show redeems itself but from the previews, I am not hopeful. 


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