Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kate Gosselin Book Signing was a disappointment

I was so excited when I heard about the Kate Gosselin book signing. Kate is the mother from Jon and Kate plus eight fame. I love the show. I know I am also in the minority but I am a big fan of hers. She really does make the show worth watching.

So I trekked down to the Tribeca Barnes and Noble, braving the drizzling rain. I arrived at the store about 45 minutes before the signing whereby I purchased two books Multiple Blessings and Eight Little Faces. There were about 30 people ahead of me in line which was not too bad.

About 12:30, she made her appearance to a single cheer. Yes, I understand she can't take pictures with everyone or have a conversation but it would have been nice if she at the minimum thanked the crowd for coming or said a few words. Instead she plopped down and began signing books. She barely look up or said anything.

Maybe I have watched too many movies where the author gets up and chats for a bit, answers questions and then signs books, this was not a movie but pretty much a boring, business like book signing. Naive me.

After about 10 minutes, I did get my turn. I quickly mentioned that I watched the show with my 6 year old daughter and she did say "awesome' but barely looked up when she did say it.

I have to say she looked amazing. I think the haircut is flattering and yes she does look younger in person than when the show first started. Having money and stylists does agree with her. She was also wearing some serious bling, not too flashy but a lot of diamonds. Diamond bracelets, diamond rings, not sure about the earrings but I am sure they were diamonds as well.

All in all, I am happy I went but I am not so sure I would attend another book signing. This was truly a disappointment.


Denise said...

I am sorry you had a disappointing day. Very bad news breaking in US magazine tonight. Kate probably knew.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you are a fan of Kate.

Anonymous said...

Kate makes the show worth watching? The only "worth" that Kate has, is when I show my husband how good he really has it, in comparison with Kate.

Dobzy said...

What the hell did you expect? You should take the books back immediately!

Anonymous said...

"she makes the show worth watching"...then you must like watching verbally abusive OCD people.

Anonymous said...

How did you expect her to act when her husband is messing with some 23yr old girl. I am sure she has to be devastated and while under contract to appear at these book signings.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, when will you wake up and realize what a scam their lives have become. Oh, and the US weekly article is just desserts for that harpy.

Anonymous said...

Being the saavy New Yorker that you are, I'm surprised you got taken by this scam artist.
I got a great deal for you....would you like to buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

Mama Jane said...

I have to admit that I don't understand why you, or anyone, would find Kate likable, but different strokes for different folks. Still, especially since you are one of her fans, I'm sorry you were disappointed in her behavior. From what I've read, she pretty much is always this way at book signings and other public appearances. She just doesn't like to interact, even with her fans. To her, this is a job she does but she doesn't feel any obligation to be gracious or more than merely civil. I predict her moment of fame will be fleeting, as ungrateful celebrities, especially F-listers like Kate Gosselin, soon sink back into obscurity when another unknown gets her turn at the bright lights. (I mean, how many people remember Paige Davis from Trading Spaces? I loved her, but when's the last time you saw her anywhere on tv?)

Anonymous said...

Did you realize that when you paid for the book that it came at the expense of the kids?

I wish everyone would wake up and stop contributing to the emotional heartache of the children.

Anonymous said...

I find it strange that you were disappointed by her behavior at a book signing. What did you expect? You've seen the show and you even said you love the show and her. You've seen on the show how she treats her family. Did you think she would treat you a fan any differently than her own family? HA! Get a clue! Now go and realize that you got a taste of what her kids feel everytime she interacts with them. The woman can turn hot water into ice just by walking by.

Buffyfan said...

From NYC Single Mom

Wow, touched a nerve on the Kate signing. I guess we will see if the kids end on America's most wanted, I hope not.

I chalk this to my overall positive nature and you are right, I am usually pretty good avoiding self promoters (I was tempted to go the Real Housewives of NY countess's book signing but no way was I going to buy her book)

My daughter was saddened that Kate was not nice to me either. Maybe, I can get her to transfer her disappointment to Miley Cyrun.

Anonymous said...

Jon and Kate have been separated since July of last year.

It was a mutual agreement.

Now the marriage is nothing but a business arrangement, like Bill and Hilary Clinton's marriage.

Have you noticed she isn't even smacking him around anymore? That is because they aren't "TOGETHER"! She has no more HOLD on him. He is free, just like Kate is, to see other people. And Kate is sleeping with someone.

YES you read me right!

Jon was the one sleeping in the basement at Andrew Ave. NOT Alexis. They said it was Alexis to explain away the rumpled bed. Just like Hannah has her own room is also a lie. The live in Vietnamese nanny sleeps in the other room. Jon sleeps in the garage apartment.

Kate is never home!
She is gone on her speaking tour 18-20 days a month +traveling.

Jon and the Kids are HAPPIER when Kate is gone.

Kate is also HAPPIER when shes away from the KIDS as being a mom was NOT what she thought it would be and it doesn't make her happy.
Kate never liked the messes or playing with them or kids stuff.
Kate loves speaking and traveling.
Jon is the real parent.
Kate needs to keep this ruse going long enough to get her own TV Show. NO ONE WILL BUY THE TV SHOW WITHOUT THE WHOLESOME FAMILY IMAGE. And that image was never there to begin with. It was lab created on TLC.

Now, the lies are getting to Jon and he's about to BURST!

Anonymous said...

So sorry that's a couple hours of your life you will never get back. What a waste. Kate is such a greedy shrew. Oooo diamonds, so that's where some of those "love offerings" went.

Steph said...
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Buffyfan said...

Curious, how do you know so much about their life and why havent the tabloids picked up on this? For the boyfriend, are you referring to older guy with white/greyish hair.

dying to know

Anonymous said...


Some serious comments! Are you surprised I don't even know who this is!

Nomad said...

people should stop trying to copy Kate Gosselin's hairstyle; she's one of the only people in the world who can pull it off

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