Thursday, May 7, 2009

Looking for your feedback on my dating profile

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Along with looking for a job, I know my love life needs to be resuscitated. Seriously, I am feeling a little like Susan Boyle, never been kissed.

I am going to post a draft of my profile and ask for your comments to punch it up.

Thanks for your help

NYC Single Mom Profile

I have no idea how to begin my profile because I feel so out of the dating game that I am somewhat mystified by the process. I hoping, optimistically and perhaps naively, that my love life will have a happy, romantic comedy way.

I am a single mom raising her darling and rambunctious daughter in hectic, crazy New York City. I was born in Japan to a Japanese mother and black father, moved to California when I was 8. I have spent most of my life traveling the many continents in search of adventure and sometimes love. I would consider myself opinionated (in a good way), optimistic, quirky and open to try new things.

I love all the things New Yorkers like to do, eat out at new and trendy restaurants, shop, go to the museum and read the sunday times.

What makes me different is that I am know a lot of "stuff" some useful, some just plain absurd. I can talk about the TARP plan, the upcoming Star Trek movie and the latest celebrity gossip in one conversation.

I love going to the movies but can't go as often as I did before my daughter came along. I am looking forward to the summer blockbuster season.

My ideal date is very old school, dinner and a movie. Wait that's a show on TBS.


Anonymous said...

Not sure I have a sense on what makes you stand out, and you do.

Your write up doesn't focus on your cool quirkiness. Like how you balance big spending with Target chic. Or how you can always get people laughing even when you share a not so funny story. And maybe about your long term goal.

Just some thoughts.

Buffyfan said...

thanks for your feedback. I am planning to work on revising the profile.

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