Monday, May 25, 2009

Schadenfreude - Watching Jon and Kate's marriage disintegrate

I watched the premiere with great interest as I am sure the 5 million viewers of the show did looking for every nuanced glance and carefully worded responses

- No, I am not surprised they are now paparazzi fodder but I am surprised that there is a contingent who are following them in Pennsylvania. It's not like they live in a big city, they live in the middle of nowhere on a deserted road. How much is a Kate photo worth versus tracking Brangelina?

- How painful it was them discussing their "issues". Sure it's a bit of schadenfreude but still, I don't feel happy to be watching a marriage fall apart on screen.

- Those kids are still really cute. I loved the retrospective and reminded why I like he show.

- Jon ridiculous comment about not being able to write. We are not dumb. Kate DID not write those books, she had help. In order for her to write those books, she would have to had 2-3 hours a day to get it done. Even with help, I can't imagine she can work that into her schedule.

- Are we going to have comments about the paparazzi in every show? I do like watching this show but if I have to see those idiots every week, I will be annoyed.

- Why is Jon so sunburnt in May?

- Jon needs a book deal or something, he is so obviously resentful she is getting more attention.

- Kate's crying and saying that parents of multiples having 3x times the divorce rate and thlnk they were going to beat that".

- The editing was really disjointed. Instead of interjecting all their comments about what's going on, they should have just taped a special episode and addressed all the issues. Instead they pretty much ruined the birthday party celebration. My daughter loves watching this show and she can never watch this episode.

- Did all the guests have to sign waivers before being invited to the birthday celebration?

- Do you think Kate even talked to the other moms? I loved when she asked the "moms" to go get the kids for the party. She did not even address them by name.

- Watching Jon with Alexis about how he loved her and she said "I don't want you to leave anymore". That made me happy and sad. Of course, I am thinking where has he been? Isn't he taking care of them, while she was on the book tour.

- The countdown begins to the divorce.


Anonymous said...

This episode just made me sad. Not for Jon or Kate, but for the kids. Kate is shriller and Jon is smug, but lost. Kate wants pity for having to raise her children with an organic chef, a housekeeper, nannies and two personal assistants. Jon wants us to understand that the cheating is okay because he changed his mind about sponging off his children.

The children are clearly aware of what is happening. I read that TLC has signed up for 2 more seasons if Jon & Kate will go through marriage counseling. I think that is irresponsible. Pull the plug on this and let's hope that all 8 of the kids don't end up writing painful memoirs on losing dad to another woman and mom to money and celebrity.


Buffyfan said...

I agree. It's pretty irresponsible for them to continue if they really are not in love anymore. Those kids deserve so much more. I was so sad when Alexis made the comment about Jon being gone.

I cant fault TLC, its a business to them. Jon and Kate is their # rated show so they are going to milk this cow dry.

K. f said...

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Buffyfan said...

Thanks for the feedback on the site. Still a work in progress.

Anonymous said...

Where's Dr. Phil? He loves trying to fix these things.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm.....Jon sunburnt in May. Well, what do you think he was doing in that there apartment above the gargarge?

As for the birthday party outside with bugs....Couldn't the deal-savvy Kate gotten a freebie from Gymboree? If not, remember what real estate guru Barbara Corcoran says: Location, location, location.

Buffyfan said...

You are right about the location but I think it was all about the bouncy rides. At least that we were led to believe that the kids wanted to jump on the bouncy rides. That is in the realm of possibility since I know my daughter loves those things

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