Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thank God I only spent $6 to see Terminator Salvation

From left to right: Christian Bale, Anton Yelchin, McG (the director), Sam Worthington

During my fun trip to New Jersey last week, I took a couple of hours off from power shopping to go see Terminator Salvation.

This movie was one of the five movies I deemed babysitter worthy and wanted to take the opportunity to save $6.00 since we don't have matinee priced movies in Manhattan.

I was really disappointed because I do love Christian Bale (crazy ranting and anger management issues aside) and was excited when he signed on to be in the movie. He did after all reinvigorate the Batman franchise.

- This movie was all so dark and dreary. Okay, it is the era of Skynet and computers are in control, trying to stamp out humanity but it was just 2 hours of darkness, battles and chases.

- Christian Bale acting was fine and believable as John Connor. Looked hot in his soldier gear, great buzz cut but all one note. Brooding, serious, dull ....

- Bryce Dallas Howard (Ron's daughter) as Connor's wife was completely miscast. Of course, casting her was a step up from Claire Danes. Howard and Bale had absolutely no chemistry together. I really had no interest in her character at all and could have cared less if lived or died.

- Sam Worthington as Marcus Wright (who you ask? and you would be right). SW gets the same billing as Bale on all the promotional posters. Bale should be pissed at that one or at the minimum fire his agent. Sure, Worthington is hot and has a future as an action hero but his Aussie accent keep slipping in and out throughout the movie. So distracting and annoying. They spend tens of millions of dollars on special effects and no one can come up with a reason for him to have an accent so this doesn't happen. If "Arnald" can use that Austrian accent throughout every Terminator movie, Worthington can, too.

- Anton Yelchin as teenage Kyle Reese. I had no issues with his acting but it's hard to make the leap that he turns into an older and hot Kyle ("I came across time for you, Sarah Connor) Reese aka Michael Biehn from The Terminator (original 1984 version) .

- Love story was absurd between Blair Williams and Marcus Wright. I have to assume the screenwriter wanted to injected some humanity into the Wright character or replicate the Sarah Connor/Kyle Reese moment. Seriously, this random guy shows up in the desert and saves her and she instintively just trusts him and leads him to her people. These people are fighting for their lives and trust no one. I don't buy it. And again, both attractive hot actors but no chemistry.

- Little black girl who is found with Kyle Reese. They never explain why she doesn't talk. I kept waiting for an explanation but none came.

- The ending (won't give it away) is ridicoulous.


Henry said...

That seals the deal! No terminator for me this weekend. Better luck next time :)

Buffyfan said...

Others may disagree but I would wait until it comes on cable

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