Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Congratulations- Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

I love this photo of SJP and Matthew Broderick's recently born twin baby girls, Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick , left and Tabitha  Hodge Broderick. 

Like the photos of James Wilkie, their eldest, they controlled the photo being released to the press as opposed to having the paparazzi stalking and trailing after them trying to get the money shot. Seriously, this picture is gorgeous and everyone looks great. The lighting is wonderful and SJP looks beautiful. Who wouldn't want to stage their own photo op rather than having paparrazi getting you at your worst and trust me there are some photos of SJP and Matthew looking pretty haggard. 

Anyway, it  bothers me that celebrities sell their babies photos to the highest bidder even if the money is being given to a charity (skeptical me,  does the charity really get that money?)

Personally, I like Sarah Jessica Parker. Years ago, I had the happy fortune to run into her at the park with my daughter. Her son came over to play with her and given their ages, we both had to run after them so they didn' get into any trouble. She was so gracious, acting like any other mom at the park. She asked me old my daughter was and told me how cute she was. She could nog have been any more normal, no entourage, no makeup and looking pretty good. 

Of course, during my non- chalant conversation with her, I was just ready to explode. I just wanted burst into a crazy fan stalker mode and tell her how much I loved her show, watched every week, please let's have a play date. But I kept it in and just kept talking in a calm and modulated tone. 

Eventually, she left and I, of course, called everyone I knew to tell them the story. Thank God, Facebook and Twitter did not exist then, because that would have been posted immediately. 

Congratulations again. 


Anonymous said...

Of course she looks and beautiful. She probably has a team of nannies doing the dirty work. Nevertheless, people need to leave them and the surrogate alone.

Buffyfan said...

I hope they do leave the surrogate alone, that situation was pretty bad. Talk about privacy being invaded, you cant even trust the local police anymore.

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