Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jonas Brother's - I think your 15 minutes are up

This has got be one of the worst publicity stunts to promote an album. 
1. Its's been done already. Justin Timberlake and Adam Sandberg's version was more timely and without a doubt much funnier. Plus,  all the amateur versions are so much better than JB version. 
2. It's not timely parody. This is song is from 8 months ago.
3. I just don't get the tie-in to their new album release.
4. It's just not funny. I couldn't even watch the entire video because it was so boring. 
5. Joe can't dance and he looks weird.  Does he even know the words? It might have been funnier if all the brothers were in it. 

Judge for yourself. 


jong said... would have been funnier if they all did it..but still, nice try!

Katja said...

Fail!! Not funny and yeah - how does it relate to their CD release..? That they are just bunch of wannabes.? :)

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