Monday, June 1, 2009

My First Giveaway - Multiple Bles8ings by Kate Gosselin

In honor of the Season 5 premiere of Jon and Kate plus 8 and maybe impending divorce, I am giving away a signed copy of Multiple Bles8ings by Kate Gosselin.  

To enter, please tell us one positive and one negative comment about Jon and Kate plus 8 in the “Comments” section below by Monday, June 8 at midnight EST.  

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Note: U.S. Residents only 
Leave a separate comment for each entry.  
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Patty Coleman said...

Positive: I think Kate has the best interest of the children in mind in having this show. The haters are mostly people who have never seen the show.

Negative: They would not be in the tabloids or news if Jon had not started seeing the other woman. I can't understand why people think he has a right to go out on his wife just because she is overbearing.
There is no excuse for infidelity regardless. She wouldn't have to be overbearing with him if he initiated doing things instead of having to be told.

royaldixie said...

Positive: Watching the show makes me feel like a super woman. I have one child and I feel exhausted and run down day after day but 8 kids, WHOA! It makes me feel much better about me!!

Negative: From the very beginning it was clear that Kate wore the pants and I always felt sorry for Jon. I hate feeling sorry for anyone.....
Thanks for the entry!

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