Thursday, June 18, 2009

PMS, Rain and a Sassy 6 year old are not a good combination

I was told that the twos were terrible but they weren't. That year was a piece of cake compared to now. Two year olds barely talk, let alone argue with you.

My daughter has hit her sassy and obnoxious stage. I should be so lucky as to have one of those kids who runs off in a tiff and sulks in their room. Not me, boy!!! 

My daughter will either end up a lawyer, on the View (lord we hope that show gets canceled by then) or some crazy CNN commentator, that's how good she is at arguing with me.  She makes some pretty good points which makes it doubly frustrating and just throws it back in my face without blinking an eye. 

All the books say, "don't engage in the argument", "just walk away" but they don't have a response for when a child follows you , tells you it's rude to ignore her and it's rude to walk away while she is talking. And she would be right.  Dr. Phil, anyone!!!

This week, I am just not the mood and I know this is 24/7 job but... 

The weather has been awful for two straight weeks, I am PMS'ng, found out more friends have been laid off and my job search has been pretty bleak. So my patience for the bad listening and having to repeat the same request over 4 times is pretty much non-existent. My impatience results in  raising my voice and not using my words properly.

 "Because" and "I said no and that's final" --- all wrong retorts as we know. 

I am the parent and in charge of the asylum so I decided to make some changes and hope they work. 

Stay tuned as I am one step away from filming a request to Nanny 911 or seeking a family counselor.

If anyone has tips on how to get your child to listen the first time and how to get your child through the morning routine without an argument, I am all ears. 


Carmel said...

Linda, I'd rather see Super Nanny come to help you out

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