Saturday, July 11, 2009

Quotes of the Week - PC From NYC Prep

"I flush the toilet before I am done peeing. Maybe I am little impatient." 

I don't really know many Mexican guys in New York City, except like, delivery guys" (this was said as he was telling us about his roommate from boarding school) 

Our favorite rich upper east sider from NYC Prep. Seriously.  

For those of you not following the show (and you should), PC is the grandson of Pete Peterson, the former chairman of Lehman brothers and former chairman of the Blackstone Group. Peterson's wife Joan Ganz Cooney was the founder of Sesame Street. Peterson is self made billionaire from a first generation Greek American family in Nebraska. (This is note worthy all on it's own.)

And to Bravo you need a better editor. Just let PC, be PC instead of coming up with all this nonsensical editing. 

He is truly  interesting and so let him be. 

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Anonymous said...

The child has a lot of anger. I suspect when he finally comes out of the closet he will still be interesting and less of a misogynist.

Buffyfan said...

Interesting thought about the anger. I keep wondering what is driving the anger.

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