Monday, July 13, 2009

This is so intended to hurt Kate, talk about passive-aggressive behaviou

Jon Gosselin has gone from eliciting sympathy to frankly, becoming a tool. He is not even divorced and is now smoking cigarettes with girlfriend #2 hanging out in St. Tropez on Christian Audigier's  yacht. 

I am truly amazed at his behaviour. I, for one, have never been on the Kate Gosselin hate parade. Sure, she is a task master and on several occasions berated her husband on camera but there are two sides to every relationship. And no matter how Kate treated Jon, the children do not deserve this public humiliation from someone who is obviously rebelling and having a mid-life crisis. 

Jon so obviously has no taste in friends nor fashion sense. Christian Audigier is Jon's new friend and employer. Audigier is so creepy looking as evidenced by his website photo below. Audigier has brought us such fashion favorites as the Von Dutch trucker hat (remember that ridiculous trend) and Ed Hardy t-shirts (sequins anybody?). Who wears his stuff? 

Jon is so aware that TMZ and the other tabloids are following his and Kate's every move so there is no reason for his actions other than to hurt Kate. 

Jon I hope you figure this out because your 15 minutes of fame is up and you are fast loosing sympathy from the fans. 

Finally, stop wearing those Audigier/Ed Hardy t-shirts. They are neither attractive nor flattering. 


Nicole said...

he looks like a major a-hole in that picture smoking that. Cig. He has the entire euro-trash thing down big time!

Buffyfan said...

Great comment on the euro-trash look.

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