Monday, July 20, 2009

A Weekend of Firsts - Riding a Bike

We just got back from Fire Island. I love Fire Island because it's the anti-Hamptons. Sure it's planes, trains and automobiles to get there but when you are there, it so relaxing and peaceful. I love the fact that there are no cars, so no traffic. All you need are your feet or bike/scooter to get around.

Our friends have a house right on the water so waking up every morning and seeing the water is so incredibly calming. There is nothing better than sitting on the deck looking out at the bay and enjoying the first coffee of the day. I am so appreciative of their invitation every year as it is so rejuvenating for me to get out of the city. They are truly great and generous hosts.

So it was a weekend of firsts. My daughter actually learned how to ride a bike over the weekend. I am so proud of her. She just took to the bike without so much as a fall. She was a bit wobbly at first but after a few tries, she pretty much balanced herself and she was good to go. That is the difference between my daughter and myself, she is completely and unequivocally fearless. If she falls off, she pops right up and tries again. Me, no way, I have a fear of falling. Skiing, horse back riding, skateboards, scooters, roller blades, all bad for me.

Of course, keeping up with a 6 year old in a bike is not the easiest of tasks especially running after her in flip-flops so I had to actually get on a bike so as not to lose her. This was first for me. I have not ridden a bike since my trip to Martha's Vineyard 10 years ago.

Now this means I have to get a bike to keep up with her in the city because the training wheels need to come off. Wish me luck. Riding in the city. Personally, I think it's a little scary but I see people and kids do it all the time so I need to get over my fear and move on.


Anonymous said...

Cute. What a thrill. This looks like a such nice community.

Jenne said...

I am so proud of Alex! I'm not surprised that she picked it right up. I remember when she was so tiny and braving that huge jungle gym at Union Square Park. Always a natural adventurer!

Queens Mamas said...

I love Fire Island. It seems like one of the last places left that is totally safe for kids. Glad you and your little one had a good weekend

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