Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fantastic Four Summer Sandals

The best part about the summer other than the weather (okay, when it's not raining or the humidity) is that I get to wear sandals, pretty much everyday.

Here are my Fantastic Four Sandals for the Summer:

1. Reefs Ginger - My friend, J turned me on to these a few years ago and they are my go to sandals for the summer. Comfortable, cushioned and form to fit your feet as you walk.

2. Birkenstock Gizeh - I resisted wearing Birkenstocks for years or should I say pretty much half my life. Seriously, it is the ugliest shoe known to man. Sometimes, fashion wins out over comfort. But a few years ago, someone
at the company wised up and started making cuter designs for women. Then I began seeing this version of the sandal all over the city which was super appealing and comes in a ton of cute colors. Of course, I had to ask every woman wearing them if they liked them and the statistically, unscientific response was an overwhelming, Yes. So I broke down and bought a pair and I love them. Fashionable but with the Birkenstock comfort.

3. Jack Rogers Navajo Flat Sandals - This sandal has been a perennial favorite of the Upper East Side and Palm Beach for years. The sandal became popular after Jackie O wore them in the 60's. In my opinion, it's a little dressier sandal but others would disagree as I see them pretty much everywhere. The problem with this sandal is that it comes in a million colors and since I don't have Oprah money and can only afford to buy a pair in every color, I bought pink. Why pink? Who knows? I am sure I was in my " I am not buying black today mood, I need color, dammit."So the flip side is that I can only wear the sandals with a few outfits. But so cute, it makes me want to go and buy more... Stop me.

4. Havianas - The cool, hip Jamaican sandals worn by Jamaicans and
supermodels. I discovered these sandals while actually in Jamaica a few years ago. They are cute, comfortable and affordable. This sandal comes in a host of colors to choose from, so go wild and buy a ton to match your favorite outfits.
"Supermodel, work, work it, girl?"Just a little RuPaul homage.

What is your favorite summer sandal?


marla said...

Love love love the Jack Rogers Navajo sandal. Too bad I'm too short to wear flip flops.. :)

Buffyfan said...

Marla, How short r u?

Natalia D. said...

I love Havianas!

Roxy sadals uk said...

wow nice post and the collection is really awesome but the last one have its own grace so love this post and want to buy the last one ....

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