Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kate Gosselin to Co - Host on The View

And as it has been going on for months, I can't keep my eyes off the train wreck that is Kate and Jon's continuing saga. In the all important public relations battle, Kate is winning hands down. No matter that most people don't like her (I for the record am so Team Kate), her public relations folks are earning their keep.

Last night, it was Larry King and now she is guest hosting on The View. Kudos to the View producers for getting her on the show. Guaranteed ratings boost and she gets to tell her story again. I know i will be setting my DVR for that one.

If Jon had any common sense, he and the girlfriend (Kate Part Deux) will stay out of sight for awhile. But sadly, he won't. His public relations team, thinks having him give interviews to counteract Kate, is a good strategy. It's not.

Even if Kate comes across with a chip on her shoulder and somewhat entitled, she appears to have the children's best interest at hand. She is not carousing around with 20 somethings at bars, hanging out with Lindsey Lohan's loser dad or heading off to St. Tropez being photographed smoking cigarettes on yachts. Jon, on the other hand, just looks like an idiot every time he opens his mouth in an interview and perception is that he is neglecting his duties as a father.

There are two truths going on here for Jon: 1) Perception is reality and 2) Action speaks louder than words.

Go Team Kate.


Nikki @ Blasian Baby said...

ugh, ugh, why can't they just take a break. going thru such a public breakup is traumatizing for all involved. i think they both need a break from being in the public eye

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