Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kate Gosselin is shooting a pilot for a Talk Show

It's been awhile since I have commented on Jon or Kate but I just had to comment when I heard Kate will be getting at talk show, mind you, she will be one of four co-hosts with Paula Deen, Rene Syler and Lee Woodruff. The show is being described as "The View for working moms." Kate, is not a working mom. Being a reality mom is not working, having people write your books for you is not working. Help me god, this news just bugs me no end.

Just when I got over that bit of news, I read this quote. "I've been the gift of gab, who why not use it?" She told an audience at the Southern Women's Show in Charlotte North Carolina.

She is kidding, right? On every show since the "break-up" in which she has been coached with an inch of her life and she shows no empathy, sense of humour or personality. It's canned responses. It's all about telling her story (which I am right with her on this one.) But a talk show where she gets to ask the question. Did these people not see her on the View???? Or see Jon and Kate plus 8, we watched because of the kids.

This is my prediction, great ratings in the first couple of weeks, we all like to watch a car wreck, right. I know I will tune in at first but I just can't see that it has the staying power. I love Paula Deen, but do you see Kate and Paula Deen together on a stage? I can not believe she let her management team talk her into this.

Would love your opinion. Would you watch the show after the first few days after your curiosity is fulfilled?


Samantha Gianulis said...

I was hoping that a foodie like Paula would recognize an overcooked ham.

I love Paula but will not watch this show. Bad judgement, all the way around.

I'd like to know, as far as the media goes - what is Kate's accomplishment?

Another case of celebrity over substance. For about fifteen minutes or so.

JosiahsMommy said...

What a weird combination. I cannot stand Kate. I hate that she's getting all of this attention right now. I doubt this talk show will do well in the long run.

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