Friday, October 23, 2009

I need a boyfriend or at best a date

On my list of new year's resolution was to start dating again. Sure I would like a boyfriend, get married but hey it's baby steps, right. A date is all I am hoping for at this stage.

Why am I on this kick again? Because, yesterday, I was coming back from the dentist and this cute guy smiled at me. Not in a way that guys now smile at me when I am walking with my daughter and she says something funny but the kind of smile that throws you that says I am smiling at you, cute girl.

I was so taken back, I sort of weakly smiled at him as though you must be mistaken or looking at someone else, smile. But then I bravely looked at him as he walked down the street, he also looked back and smiled again. I am not crazy or delusional.

I am lucky I did not get hit crossing the street, I was so flustered.

And I did I mention that he was really cute and at least in his 30s. I think because he was young (OMG, since when is 30 young) is what really through me.

Sad to say, I have to get out more or at the least talk to more men.


Nicole said...

I have Zero social skills when it comes to men! I also could never approach a guy. I am such a nerd!

NYC Single Mom said...

Nicole, I am with you.

Yasmine's Mom said...

i think i have you beat. I went through a 7 year dry spell. i finally decided that i just needed to put myself out there.

i never tried the online dating scene, i focused on the friends of friend approach and just being open to meeting people in unexpected places. i met one man on the subway and two others while flying.

NYC Single Mom said...

Thanks for the advice Yasmine. I think you are right about putting it out there. The online thing does not seem to be working for me.

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