Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NYC Single Mom Quotes - Cliches are a Flying

What happened to me? When did I become a mother using tired old cliche examples from my childhood? Come on, I am supposed to be so much more advanced in my parenting thinking than my parents. I have watched enough Nanny 911, Super Nanny, Dr. Phil, Oprah and read articles and books to be the perfect parent. Hah! Wrong!!!!

This week, I used two tired ass cliches, that are just plain embarrassing.

All week, my daughter has been bugging me to let her go up to the classroom by herself like her classmate, M. I have no idea why her parents have gone down this route. Maybe because she is a year older than the other first graders (she was held back in Kindergarten, not sure why.) I have said no and told her that until she shows me that she take out all her stuff out when Mrs F. beckons them into the classroom. She has yet to do this without some serious prompting.

All the way to school. "But M. gets to go up, why can't I???" Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and retorted "if M. jumped off a bridge, would you want to do that, too?" She looks at me with a look that I should get used to since I will be seeing the look for years to, "Mommy, that makes no sense, why would I jump off a bridge, I could hurt myself."

I could only stammer and stumble through this crazy conversation and blurted out, "It's just an example, you can't go up by yourself and that's the end of the conversation."

Last night, we were doing homework and is most common, she used a pencil to fill her assignment. As she was running in with the very sharp pencil, I blurted out "don't run with that you will poke your eye out." Really linda, wow. That is just sad.

There is just no justification for this nuttiness.


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