Friday, November 27, 2009

Post Thanksgiving Day Thanks

Although I am unemployed, I need to acknowledge what I DO HAVE and what I am THANKFUL for as I am coming up on my one year anniversary of being laid off.

My Health - I am healthy, enough said. In fact, I have lost 10 pounds and lowered my blood pressure.

My Friends, Family and Former Colleagues- Everyone has been supportive during these stressful times. And although the advice from one family member is little ka-ka, I know it is coming from the heart. I am grateful to former colleagues who I have been out of touch for years have been so willing to provide networking contacts to help in my job search.

My Home  - It is hard seeing a constant barrage of news stories about foreclosures which is depressing and makes me angry that the banks are so unwilling to work with families to keep their homes but I am lucky that I am not in that situation. My daughter and I have a nice roof over my head and frankly, I probably give more to the homeless (even to the U.H.O., which is under investigation by the Attorney General) because I have a home.

Unemployment Benefits - Because I live in a double digit unemployment state, unemployment benefits were extended time and time again. Sure its only $405/week, but it's better than nothing.

Cobra Subsidy - No matter your thoughts on the insurance plan being discussed, to be unemployed and have a huge cobra payment is an unbelievable financial burden. So the 65% subsidy approved to pay for Cobra has been a $$$ god send (actually it's Obama send.)

Time for my Daughter - I will eventually will find a job but as I think back on her first year of elementary school and having to drop her off in the cafeteria so I could get to my job on time (because my manager was a jerk was a stickler for arriving at 9 even though I never took lunch and worked until 7), I am grateful for the time to walk her to school and drop her off like the other families.



Yakini said...

Congratulations on losing 10 pounds. THat is amazing! Would love to know how you did it, as my weight has been a constant struggle since having the baby.

Praise the Lord for those unemployment benefits being extended. I mean, really! My sister has also been unemployed, I think a little over a year now, since the company she'd been at for 7 years downsized, and the extension has really been a blessing for her.

I'm so glad its allowing youto spend that extra bit of quality time with DD. THat is wonderful!

Happy THanksgiving lady!! ((hugs))

NYC Single Mom said...

Yakini, Weight Watchers. Again need to look on the positive side that I lost 10 pounds but I have to be honest, I have been on WW since the summer and I should have lost more than 10 pounds.

thanks for the positive comments.

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