Monday, November 9, 2009

Precious - Bring Tissues

Unless you are living under a rock, Precious, the new movie by Lee Daniels has been winning over audiences at all the big film festivals from Sundance to Toronto. With the $$$ backing of Oprah and Tyler Perry, the movie is getting a well-deserved marketing push.

The movie is inspired by the novel Push by Sapphire. Sorry to say that I had not heard of the book, until the buzz started about the movie and frankly even if I had heard of the book and read the back cover, I would have put it down. Just not my cup of tea.

The movie on the other hand was also a little iffy for me. It's not like most hard to take dramas, you need to be in the mood. Seriously, remember Shindler's List, no matter the plot, the importance of the story, the acting, you need to be in the mood to be watching a Nazi movie.

The movie is set in the late 80s in New York City and is about a morbidly obese illiterate 16 year old girl who is about to have her second child by her own father. She is not only abused by her father but also her mother. Her life is turned around when the Principal of her school recommends her to alternative high school.

That said, I am happy to have taken the plunge to see the movie. It's one of the those movies, that if someone asked you if you liked it. You couldn't acutally yes. It is a great movie with an incredible diverse, out of the box casting. Believe the hype about Mo'Nique (a comedian),  Gabourey Sidibe  (an unknown), Mariah (they made me have a slight mustache) Carey and Lenny (who knew he could act) Kravitz.  If this movie does not get nominated for best picture, best director, best actress and best supporting, Hollywood is completely out of touch. When I watch a movie like this, there some in Hollywood who should be ashamed to call themselves actors.

To date, there has been nothing so far this year in my opinion is competition for this movie. I am just hoping that the Oprah touch (and I am being snarky here, her presence, along with the President lost us the Olympics) does not turn off the Hollywood elite.

Is the movie hard to watch? Yes.
Did I cry? Yes, but only once.
Are there happy moments? Yes
Is there happy hollywood ending? Yes and no, it's hopeful.
Will it make you love and appreciate your child more? Hell, yes.
Do I recommend this movie? Yes. "For precious girls everywhere?


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