Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Significant Partner - Who Needs Them? Sometimes I Do

It's not often, I wish I was married or at the least had an ex (those of you who are married and with exes my disagree) but this week has not been great and having someone to discuss issues/problems would be great.  A lot is going on this week, one the unemployment numbers are up and not looking like they will recede anytime soon. While I have been looking for a job, I positively thought that at the least I would have found short-term project work by now. I have been networking like mad but I know that eventually it will pay off but not in the near term.

Yesterday, I received my daughter's progress report and while it wasn't bad it wasn't good either. She is a good student but just not focused. It's times like this that having someone to discuss this type of topic on what to do next comes in handy even if you disagree with that person. Should I think about getting a tutor? Is the right time? Just not sure on this one.

I need to start looking for babysitters because the back up babysitter makes me wacky. I am never sure if she is coming or not. Isn't that the purpose of text messages, confirm bitch!!! What also makes me wacky is that she never seems to do what I ask. How hard is to get kid fed/bathed and dressed in two hours????

I find myself feeling the stress just tad bit more this week and am honestly a little less forgiving with my daughter. And we know that never ends well.

Needless to say it's been a tough week, emotionally and mentally.

Here's the end of this week.


Nicole said...

Believe me, i know how you feel. There have been many moments where I feel isolated and lonely and you'd think living in a big city like New York I wouldn't feel this way, but it happens often.

I happen to have an ex-husband, and a plane 'ol ex! The plane 'ol ex is the father of my two year old daughter, and sadly we're not on speaking terms anymore. It would be great to have a partner that I could bounce ideas off of.
I don't see myslef finding anyone any time soon. The entire dating scene seems to suck!

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