Thursday, November 5, 2009

Therapy Thursday (3) - Therapy Goals

After our first session, Dr. R. told me to write down my goals for our next therapy session.

  • Get my child to listen to me
  • Get my child to be less manipulative
  • Instead of whining, she does what she is asked to do
  • Learn not to promise things as way for her to do what I ask
  • Learn to stop engaging my daughter - explaining only makes it worse
  • A Well-behaved child that listens the first with no arguments

After my review of my goals, I might have detected a slight smirky smile as if to say "not asking for much are you".

Hey, these are my goals, whether I ever accomplish them is another story.

We reviewed them together and came to an understanding, that let's face it her words, you need to be a "benevolent dictator" and you need stop engaging in discussions.

I acknowledge and know instinctively before I came to therapy that it is almost impossible to have a rational discussion with an irrational person. And children are irrational. Yet, I continue to do this, so every day is going to be struggle to NOT to engage.


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