Thursday, December 24, 2009

Adoption Tale - "Is She Really Adopted"

Recently, one of my daughter's classmates came up to me and asked "Is she really adopted?"
"Yes," I said and off she went. Of course, I am thinking to myself, Noisy brat. Her mother then commented that she thought it was amazing that my daughter is so comfortable with saying it to people.

In some respects, she is correct however I know in some ways it opens the door to more questions/comments.

I have one friend, who never says anything about her daughter being adopted because apparently no one ever seems to wonder or maybe they aren't as inquisitive as New Yorkers as to what her story is or the kids in her daughter's class never ask about the dad.

Of course, maybe I am too forthcoming with the information. I have been telling my daughter she is adopted she was very young. Mind you, she had no idea what that meant. Now she knows.

Frankly, kids bring it up and she needs to have an answer when kids start asking "where's your dad?" I love that my daughter will say I am adopted and the kids go "that's cool." Of course, they have no idea what that means.

The odd thing is that all through pre-school and kindergarten, there have been no divorced families, Everyone has a dad. WTF? Sure, there have two dads and two moms but it's all been two parent households.  All through pre-school same thing, we were the only single parent household so it would make sense kids would ask because she was the only one.

The one thing I love about my daughter is that she does have some coping mechanisms that somehow she has derived on her own.

 On the way home from my little conversation with her classmate, I asked her what she tells kids who keep asking more questions and her response to them  "I tell them, I prefer to keep things private." and then she walks away. Good for you, kiddo.

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AdoptAuthor said...

when kids start asking "where's your dad?" I love that my daughter will say I am adopted.

Does she ask YOU yet about her "other' mother and father? Do you have answers for her when she inevitable does?

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