Thursday, December 3, 2009

Job Search Inertia - Would Love Your Feedback and Advice

So many of you readers know that I was laid off in the Spring from a TARP bank (which one I will never say.) Yes, feel bad for me but at the same time don't. It was a very unpleasant fourteen months in a very dysfunctional company and frankly, who wants to read bad news about the place you work every day and get up every day worrying if this is the day. That in itself was nerve racking Even today, there is never any good news.

That said it's hard to say if the market is improving or not, I have been networking like mad and let's face it, applying to online job sites is like dropping a coin in the ocean, never to be seen again.

So as a way to get at least feel like I am being productive, I have decided to take a series of classes with a personal coach. Don't worry the cost isn't a lot although I am sure there will be a pitch for more one-on-one sessions. I figure I need to at the least networking more.

So to those readers if you have any advice on jump starting my job search or have any contacts at the following companies whereby you can facilate an introduction, I would be most appreciated. My background is in loyalty/retention marketing.

Nickelodeon – Nick Jr. (Viacom)
ParentsConnect/GoCity Kids (Viacom) (Viacom)
Jet Blue
Met Life


Missa said...

Hi there! I work for, the career website, and spent several years at Kaplan Test Prep. You are right on target with working with a career coach, and I hope they help you refine your job search strategy and your 'pitch'.

Having a list of target companies is also a great start because it helps you focus your search and stay motivated. I have plenty of contacts at Kaplan--you can find me on LinkedIn:

Let's say in touch. I'd be happy to help however I can.

Another piece of advice is for you to start keeping track of your target companies in a variety of ways. I too LOVE Gilt Groupe and follow their corporate and CEO twitter accounts. Engage with the brands you like on Social Media to keep up with company happenings. Lots of HR departments are tweeting, and often on a brand page, jobs are advertised when positions become available.

You can see who I follow at and my company tweets at and

Missa said...

Correction: You can find me on LinkedIn using this URL --

Sorry about that!

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