Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Favorite Christmas Ornament - Go Browns (That's Right the Cleveland Browns)

This is my favorite Christmas ornament. I wish I had a prettier one from my youth but my sister seems to have inherited them all. After my parents died, she lived in their house and pretty much took everything that was left. It sounds worse than it is, I moved New York and she was left with the job of going through all the stuff that had accumulated over 20 years of living so it's only fair she gets to keep the ornaments.
Since my daughter, I have tried to accumulate ornaments so she could inherit them one day.

So what's with the Cleveland Browns ornament? I saw this a few years ago and I had to have it as it reminded me of my father. My father was from Akron, Ohio, at one time, the home of all the Tire makers. That is where my grandfather worked his whole life. Remember those days when uneducated people worked in factories.

Needless to say, the Cleveland Browns meant a lot to my father as he was a football fanatic and he imparted his love of the game to his children. Me being the oldest daughter with no son in sight was forced to sit and watch football games for years. I have to thank god for that because fathers/men are weird people who are not the most communicative of people but sports that is another story. So I have nothing but fond memories of sitting with my dad on many a Sunday/holidays rooting for the Browns. And trust me in the last few years there is not much to root for.

I think the best gift I ever gave him and probably was the one he appreciated most was tickets to the Browns games.

Even today after living in many cities in the United States, the Browns win or lose (and mostly lose, Damn you Art Modell for moving them in the middle of the night to Baltimore), they will always be my team.

What's your favorite Christman Ornament?

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Clare said...

That is the cutest little chipmunk. Even if he does root for the Browns.... ;)

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