Monday, December 14, 2009

No Notes Today

Today marks the fifth day that my daughter has not brought home a note. No note you say, huh?  Last week, her teacher decided that instead of her writing notes to the parents telling us that our child is misbehaving that the children start the practice of writing their own note detailing their daily transgressions (guess who I stole that word from, sorry I could not resist) and then having the parents sign it. Woo hoo!! That's what you want to see along with class notes.

The first day she brought home the note, I was a little upset since we had talked about her focusing more in class and not talking to her classmates. Good lord, in the first note, my daughter wrote, "I was talking during class." This would not have been so bad except she had noted 5 separate times she apparently was talking plus she pushed another girl. I have to say which bodes well for the future that she did not hold back the note but told me about and then promptly burst into to tears and said she was sorry and that she would work harder.

I have to assume that Mrs. F is pulling this stunt is a wake up call for the kids.  Over the next few days, her transgressions decreased.  So after a few days of bringing notes home, my daughter proudly announced "no note, today." Of course, one day does not make a trend. So here we are a week later and she has had no notes. I can only hope that this continues and she focuses her attention during class.


gaynycdad said...

I printed this to remind me to bring this up to my teacher who guessed which teacher was doing this, this is a great idea for my son as well, I hope they institute it for us, I hope its OK to give you credit on my blog,!

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