Friday, January 22, 2010

Fantastic Four Friday - 4 Best Blog Posts of 2009

Before we move into February, I thought I would still revel in 2009 and provide you with my four best posts of 2009. 

1. 10 Reasons why New York City is a Great Place for Single Moms (July 16, 2009) It made sound nuts but I love living in this wacky town.

2. Adoption Tale - Buy, Buy, Baby - Saviour or Nightmare.  An accounting of my ill-fated but funny trip to Buy Buy Baby (alone) with the sole purpose of purchasing baby items. This shopping expedition took place 3 days before I am supposed to go pick up my daughter from the adoption agency.

3. Therapy Thursday - The First Session - The title pretty much says it all, detailing the first time I went to see a therapist. There is an entire series devoted to my sessions.

4. Kate Gosselin Book Signing (May 5, 2009) - This was truly the beginning of the end  of Jon and Kate  and they truly became a staple of the tabloids, TMZ, the Today Show, the late night talk shows and every other media outlet.  I might add, this particular post garnered the most comments of all my posts in 2009.


NYC Single Mom said...

I read the post to my daughter and she was very happy. New Sat ritual

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