Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Job Offer I Can Refuse

Every so often, I get an email  just defies explanation.

I received this in my inbox today. I just wonder what critieria was used to send this out because it so obviously a scam.

Why do I think this is  a scam?
It's not addressed to me personally.
There is no mention of signing a confidentially agreement. No way, you get to work on yacht that could host celebrities/billionaires in which you would not have to sign one.
There is no mention of the name of the  company that owns the yachts.
How you would actually be paid? You are being paid in English currency but you are an american. How would that work exactly?
And finally, the grammar is atrocious.

Needless to say,  I hit spam.

This is the entire letter. Happy reading.

 We have a total of 13 yacht. 7 new ones. This is the reason why we are seeking for more crew members. You should tell me where you're fit in. We still have vacancy for assistant captain, engineer, chef babysitting and so on. I believe you are the right person for the job and i want to assure you that you will not regret working with us, we shall treat you as one of our family.

 You know U.K is a very Large country where everyone will like to visit.There is so much for you to achieve here in U.K. You should be interested in working with us, because we are a private own yacht, the salary range starting from 2,500 sterling pound depending on your post every month Saturdays and Sundays is your off day. You should be responsible, able to maintain a consistent schedule with my crew, have a loving attitude and patience, along with high energy.You should be a self-starter with a sense of humor and maturity.You need to be tolerant and understanding. Above all, you need to have a true interest in the job you are employ to do full time.
 I want to point our something clear here, because we have a place where all the crew member resides. If you prefer living out let me know so that preparation can be made before your arrival.

If you want to live out your bedroom is on a separate floor from the flat so you'll have your own privacy. Its includes bathroom and private bedroom with cable, internet, laptop, and DVD/VCR. It's important that you are happy and comfortable in our home. Do you have the necessary papers needed for you to travel to U.K.if not i will recommend you to travel consultant that will assist you to get the necessary document.


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