Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Out of Commission This Week

It's weeks like this in which I appreciate stay at home/work at home moms. This week, the New York City public schools are out for mid-winter recess and that means trying to entertain the munchkin for nine straight days. Good lord.

You would think I would anticipate this and have some posts in the hopper scheduled. Not a chance.
This on top of the fact that I invited myself to a friend's house outside the city. Refreshing yes, productive, no.

Now I am now sick and I can barely concentrate. That said, hopefully, I will be on schedule this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Feel better! I always recommend black elderberry extract and HONEY!

Divina said...

Feel better and enjoy the time with your daughter. I miss seeing my friend. Its been forever! Thankfully I can check out your site to find out about the fabulous Linda.

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