Monday, March 1, 2010

An Adult Party for Once

This past weekend, I attended my first adults only party (sounds so x-rated, right) to celebrate my friend J's birthday. J. is another single mom who I met at Saturday morning swim class and later found out that our daughter's attended the same pre-school.

When she invited me, she told me it that kids were not invited kid and hoped that I would not be offended. Of course not, why would I? Frankly, I keep trying to figure out how to have an adults only party.  This would entail having to have my daughter have a sleepover and the parents not be invited. That would be weird, right. J. is lucky in that her daughter was off at her dad's for the weekend.

I was thrilled to go because for once, I did not have to worry about there not being another child for my daughter to play with, leaving by a certain time, being interrupted... Sounds bad but let's face it, it is not a sin to want to just go to a party and enjoy yourself.

Needless to say, I had a great time. Great food, J has fun and delightful friends, even made a networking contact (a writer), alas no potential dates but that's  okay.

I feel like I made a little headway on my Jumpstart Challenge to get out more and socialize. Baby steps right.

And thanks to S. one of my daughter's godmothers for babysitting.


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