Thursday, March 18, 2010

Birthday, Birthday, Birthday , Baby Girl Turns 7

Well, another year, another birthday. Since March 1st, my daughter has been counting down to her birthday on Saturday, March 13.

The birthday celebration began on Friday, March 12, with her school friends. For the school birthday party I ended up baking cupcakes, half chocolate, half pink, per my daughter's request.

Let me say that it is no fun walking in a rain storm carrying 24 cupcakes and a gallon of water. But it was worth just to see her classmates light up when they spied the cupcakes. Sorry no pics of my daughter at school, since I don't like to include kids whose parents might not want them on the web.

School Celebration 

Because my friend was going out of town and her daughter would not be coming to the party on Saturday, we all went to dinner at our favorite restaurant, Chat n' Chew. Hands down, Chat n' Chew has the best mac n cheese on earth. Where is Gayle King when you need her to verify these things? Needless to say, I had to fortify myself with two glasses of wine after the crazy day that I had. Not only did I have to stay go to my daughter's dance performance at school which ended at 11, then I had to run back to get the cupcakes and clean my apartment before the party festivities on Saturday.

Baby Girl's Birthday
I have no idea where this project came from but this is what she decided to do first thing before her friends showed up for her birthday.

After weeks of trying to come up with ideas that would not break the bank, we ended up going to Darwin the Dinosaur at New York University which apparently has a family series of events. Who knew?

I don't know if you can tell from the clip but it is the coolest show that I have seen. They weren't kidding when they said it was a unique theater experience. The characters were people lit up as dinosaurs, flowers, birds that told the story of Darwin the Dinosaur, all set to great music. The girls and I were completely enthralled with the show. I wish it was playing more than once since I would have loved it if more people could see it. I think it takes a lot of money to put one of these shows on. Seriously, if I had millions I would totally support bringing it to Broadway, that's how good it is. I am surprised no gazillionaire hasn't discovered them.

After the show, we came back or should I say we swam back. Nothing more fun that dragging 3 girls, 8 blocks in a driving rainstorm and who all refused hoods and umbrellas. Needless to say, I spent fifteen minutes changing clothes and blow drying hair when get back.

Then it was pizza and cake. Yeah!  Let me say for the record, do not leave three girls alone with a cake. All in all, it was fun party but even though it was only three girls, it was a lot of work. I seriously see why people are more than happy to pay beaucoup bucks to have someone else do all this.



Party Dress mode

With godmother #1. (sorry godmother #2 forgot to take a pic) 

After the girls left, the adults arrived for dinner and cake. I waited until the girls had left before I let my daughter open her gifts. Her big gift was a Nitendo DS. I think my daughter really thought she wasn't going to get it because the agreement was that she would have to save up her allowance to buy it. She, of course, was quite surprised and elated.

I guess it was a hit since the next day she said to me "This was the best birthday party."

Hurray for me.
Until next year.


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