Monday, March 22, 2010

Citibank Hosts Kids Day At Citi Field

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to enjoy an incredible day at Citi Field, home of the Amazing Mets, courtesy of Citibank and Radio Disney. As part of Citibank's "Our Promise to New York", the bank hosted "Kids Day" at Citi Field. Three hundred children from Boys and Girls Clubs of America and local YMCAs were invited to tour the stadium,  meet Mr. Met and just plain have fun courtesy of Radio Disney.

Citibank's "Our Promise to New York," is an effort by the bank to reinforce its commitment to the local communities in the area. "Our Promise to New York" is about re-connecting with our customers and supporting our local communities in every way that we can, " said Richard Schnetzer, Outer Boroughs Division Manager, Citibank.

We could not have had a better weather day to visit Citi Field. I must admit I have been dying to see the stadium since it opened.  I had seen photos Citi Field and it just looked beautiful. As we walked through the stadium, it seemed eerie to be there without fans but it definitely met my expectations. The tour included a trip to the visiting team's locker room which was huge and included sofas and computers. Of course, no trip to a locker room is complete without a trip to the bathroom  and showers, communal by the way and I have no comment on that set up.

As part of the tour, we went up to the Delta Sky box, nice is all I have to say and the view of the field is incredible. (Hey Delta, I have still have points and am a loyal customer.) And the piece de resistance was to be able to walk on the field where the Mets play. What an experience that was, to be that close to the field and stand where the players play and be able to see the stands from their vantage point. Seriously, what a thrill.

If that wasn't enough, we met Mr. Met. Woo, hoo!! I mean who doesn't want to meet a mascot with a big baseball on their head. Hey no matter the snark, Mr. Met has his own office.

Just a fun day on one of best weather days of the year. I look forward to getting out to Citi Field and actually seeing a game this year.

Finally, I want to give a shout out to the other mom bloggers at the event. I love seeing old friends and meeting new ones, makes the event truly a great time.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a fun day! I definitely need to go toa game this year :) Not too much of a baseball fan but since its new & nearby why not.

Anonymous said...

NYC Mom I thought you were Yankees girl?! Go Phillies! We've got a better mascot and we've got better meat sandwiches.


NYC Single Mom said...

I am yankees fan but I could not pass up the chance to see Citi Field. I had seen so many news reports on how spectacular it was and wanted to see it for myself.

and yasmines mom you are right, I think you do have a better mascot than mr. met

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