Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dear Kid Saturday - Happy 7th Birthday!!!

Dear Darling Daughter,

Today is your seventh birthday. It seems like only yesterday when the adoption agency called me to tell me all about you and that I would become a mother.

I remember the day we went to pick you up, you were sooo tiny and so quiet. How different you are today. In those first days, living moment to moment, waking up every two hours to feed you that I could not even imagine what you would be like when you turned 7 and now the day has arrived.

You are truly a treasure. When people hear that I adopted you, they always seem to say that you are so lucky and that I am doing a wonderful thing but I am the lucky one. I liked my life before you came along but I love my life with you in it. Now I can't even imagine my life without you.

It makes me so happy that you are such a happy kid, full of joy and energy. Your comments never cease to amaze me or make me laugh, like your list of things you are going to do when you turn seven.

Last week you announced to me, "When I turn seven, I am going to
  • Be more responsible 
  • Do more around the house
  • Take out the recycling
Now that is a list. 

Happy Birthday, tesoro

Love mommy

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Anonymous said...

Hi, this is my first time on your blog. It's great! I found it through the Follow Friday on Twitter. Congratulations on such a beautiful daughter. I read your "About me" section and I must tell you that is my dream too. I am in the prep phase of my life because I have always wanted to adopt...whether married or single. SO great to see it's possible :)

Ceremonies by Bethel said...

This is such a great letter! I love seeing it, and love knowing how happy you are with your adorable daughter in your life! Hugs, Bethel

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