Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Summer Camp Dilemma

What's on every New York parent's mind, right now. Summer Camp.

"Where is your child going to camp?" I must get asked this question, 3-4 times a week or I am asking someone where their child is going to camp. I am not sure if going to camp is a Northeast or New York thing but when I was growing up no one I knew went to camp. Although, I do remember wanting to go to "fat camp" (yes, even back then I was dieting.)

For those outside of New York, you are wondering why this could possibly be the topic of the day. Because like everything in this town,  there is not just not one choice, but a myriad of camp choices which includes  creative camps (art, dance, chess, language), athletic camps (fencing, soccer),  science camps (robo camp, the Intrepid museum) and of course, the traditional day camp (out-of-town and city.)

And because this is New York, nothing comes cheap and there is a hierarchy to camps based on price.
I am not sure if the 92nd StreetY run Camp Yomi,  located on an incredibly, beautiful Rockland County campus,  is at the top of the hierarchy but at $5,500 for 8 weeks, it seems like it to me.

Because it's almost impossible to tour and research all the camps, why not just ask, right, plus there is a little competitive nature going on in determining how much people are willing to spend to entertain or educate their child over the summer. This is New York, after all and it's all about the money in this town.

So what did I end up doing? I am sending my daughter to a day camp outside of the city. I grew up in the suburbs surrounded by walking trails, tennis courts and of course,  a backyard. My daughter experiences that only a few times a summer and I really wanted her to experience the great outdoors even if it's only during the day. But, more importantly while my daughter is no girly girl, she gets freaked out by ants and little crawly things.  Insects, any suburban kid sees everyday, for goodness sakes. She seriously needs to be amongst the flora and the fauna and experience nature.  Plus, I need to toughen her up for the cross country road trip that I am planning when she is in junior high (won't that be fun???)

What are you planning to do with your kids over the summer?

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