Sunday, April 25, 2010

When Worlds Collide - The British author Linda Grant has discovered me

Last week, I was thoroughly surprised that the other  Linda Grant commented on my Fantastic Four Friday: 4 Reasons I love my iPhone. 

I discovered the other Linda Grant when I googled Linda Grant last year as I was curious as to whether I would show up and the British Linda Grant took up pages on Google. Up until then, I had never heard of her. 

I find it completely humorous that the other Linda Grant is british and an author. Both things I want to be. Just kidding about the British part although I love London. Not kidding about the author part. 

I have been dying to read her book and think that it's probably time to order them as they sound very interesting. I want to be prepared when she comes across the pond so I can have her autograph the book. 

Have a cup of tea on me the British Linda Grant. 


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