Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Being Early Doesn't Always Pay

We have to be at school by 8:20, otherwise, we get a late pass. So in my ernest efforts to teach my daughter to be on time, we arrive early just or as the door magically opens to her class. There are only a couple of kids from her class that get dropped off and when I mean dropped off, the parent leaves them at the classroom door and leaves. I guess if I was working and had to be at my job by 9,  I would be doing the same.  But since I don't, I wait around with my daughter until she goes into the classroom.

Before my daughter goes into the classroom, she has to take her stuff out of her backpack because her teacher insists that the children take out all their stuff before they enter the class so as not to be distracted once they enter the class. Smart woman.

So this past week, as I patiently (okay, maybe not so patiently) waiting for the classroom door to open, the principal is making her rounds, coming down the hallway, saying hello to kids and the parents. But honestly, I think she is patrolling the hallways to make sure, we, parents and kids are not blocking the hallway.

As she approaches me, I am thinking she is going to say hello. Instead, she sidles up to me and asks if I am going to the Spring concert. "Sure," I say naively and unwittingly falling into her trap.

Next thing you know, I  had volunteered to help keep my daughter's class occupied before they have to go to the auditorium for the concert.

This should be fun or at the minimum interesting watching the kids and the teacher. Stay tuned for the aftermath. Let's hope I survive.


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