Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dear Kid Saturday - Love of Science

Dear Darling Daughter,

I am thrilled and excited that you show such a passion and enthusiasm for science. Everyday you come home  from school and are so eager to regale me with updates on the latest science lesson.  I have learned about the life cycle of the various insects (e.g mealworm, butterflies, caterpillars, ) fun facts about air and the weather and so much more.

Your sense of wonder and excitement when you talk about your weekly lesson never ceases to amaze me. It really makes me stop and think that as adults we seem to lose that our sense of wonder about our surroundings either because we are too busy to stop and notice or we just aren't interested.

I am must admit that sometimes or actually most times, I have just plain forgotten how interesting science really is.

I hope you always keep that sense of wonderment, passion and curiosity about the world.

Love, mommy

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